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Frequently Asked Questions

Question – When can I start my summer?
Answer – The Merrimack Valley Small Diamond traditionally concludes prior to the end of July and games are traditionally played only on weekdays. Baystate teams can play into early August and games will be played throughout the week, including weekends. In fact, successful Baystate teams will participate in weekend tournaments and makeup games are often held on weekends. District teams will continue to play until eliminated, so a District team can be eliminated as early as the first or second week of July. Conversely, so long as the team continues to wins, they can continue through Districts, Sectionals, States, Regionals through to the World Series which concludes in the second half of August.

Question – When a team is eliminated early in the District tournament, what happens after the District tournament?
Answer – In certain situations, players can play in the Baystate tournament or the eliminated team may elect to enter other local tournaments.
Question – What should a family that goes away most weekends and may only be able to make a few of the games and practices do?
Answer – Andover Little League expects a full commitment regarding games and practices. If a player can’t make such a commitment, then the player should decline the spot so that another deserving player can participate. A similar commitment is expected for Baystate teams. The Merrimack Valley Small Diamond League is a good alternative for players seeking a less competitive option requiring lesser time commitments.
Question – Does a player need to play on club team to make a Little League District team?
Answer – No.
Question - What are eligibility requirements to play on a District team?
Answer – All players that play in the Andover Little League spring baseball season are eligible.  Players must register for the summer baseball season.

Question – When are the District teams selected?
Answer – The selection meeting will be held during the first week of June.  Team rosters will be announced shortly thereafter.

Question - If a player makes a District team in a prior year, do they automatically make team next year?
Answer – No. Players are selected each year and do not receive an automatic selection by virtue of playing on a prior year’s team.

Question - What if my child does not make a District team?
Answer – Andover Little League provides every player an opportunity to play summer baseball. Other alternatives include the Baystate Tournament and the Merrimack Valley Small Diamond League. While your son or daughter may not be selected for a Baystate or District team, they will have an opportunity to continue to practicing and develop in the Merrimack Valley Small Diamond League games.  
Question - How many kids will be on each team?
Answer – Approximately 14 players will be selected to each team.
Question - Are there any alternates for the Districts teams?
Answer – No

Question - How many kids will be on each team?
Answer – District team sizes will vary based on the preference of the Head Coaches. Baystate and Merrimack Valley Small Diamond teams will vary based on registration numbers and number of coaching volunteers.
Question - Are there any alternates for the Districts teams?
Answer – Due to rostering rules and play requirements imposed by Little League, there are no alternates.

Question - How are District teams selected?
Answer – Selections by spring coaches based on evaluations by the same coaches in the spring.

Question - Can a younger player play up on an older District team?
Answer – Yes, on rare occasions younger players will have an opportunity to play up; however, older players will be given deference when players are considered close in demonstrated skills and abilities. 
Question - Can an older player play down for a younger District team?
Answer – No.
Question - When do Districts practices and games likely start?
Answer - Little League usually allows practices to begin for summer ball on June 15. This is a practice that is governed by Little League International. Practice schedule is at the discretion of the Manager. More than likely, the District teams will begin practicing while the spring season is still being played. Districts games are expected to start as early as the last week of June.

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